Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Dental Professional Advisory Committee


Communication Workgroup

Chair – CDR Cara Ortega -
Co-Chair – CDR Dane McClurg -   

      Who We Are and What We Do:

      The Communication Workgroup of the Dental Professional Advisory Committee (DePAC) was developed to improve communication between the Dental Professional Advisory Committee and USPHS Dental Officers in the field. Members of the Comm WG are dentists from various federal government agencies and can be USPHS officers, civilians, or tribal employees. The Communication WG uses a number of tools to disseminate information to officers stationed in various duty sites nationwide. The Comm WG and the Chair are responsible for the semi-annual publication of the Dental Newsletter, updating the content of the Dental Category Website, and managing the Dentalbulletinboard listserv.

      USPHS Dental Newsletter:

      The newsletter is an important means of disseminating a wide array of information to officers in the field. Two main issues are to be published each year with main cover stories relating to the annual ADA convention (December release) and the annual Commissioned Officers Scientific and Training Symposium (July Release). The composition of the newsletter has varied slightly over time but has retained a basic core of informational sections as follows:

      • ADA or COA conventions
      • Chief Professional Officer article
      • DePAC Chair’s article
      • DePAC Vice Chair’s article
      • Clinical article from officers/specialists in the field
      • Dental officer spotlight
      • Associate recruiter update article
      • Upcoming events and educational opportunities
      • Other announcements

      Dental Category Website:

      The Dental Category Website are utilized to disseminate information and archives news, announcements, publications, and DePAC activities. The link to the Dental PAC website is:

      Dental Bulletin Board Listserv:

      The purpose of the listserv was multifold: 1) to provide a communications tool for the DePAC to quickly disseminate important information to dentists assigned to each USPHS agency; 2) to allow for discussion of important dental issues that affect our clinical practices: 3) to provide a single place to get pertinent information from a variety of agencies and organizations.


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