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The Dental Professional Advisory Committee (DePAC) is made up of Public Health Service dentists from across the United States. Members may be Commissioned Corps Officers or Civil Service dentists. DePAC membership consists of elected voting members and non-elected volunteers (see below). Collectively, this diverse group of dental professionals work together on the various Workgroups (WGs) and Subcommittees (SCs) that make up DePAC. Your involvement helps our Dental Category remain strong and continue to meet the professional needs of our dental providers. Being selected to serve on the DePAC is an honor. The collective group brings diverse perspectives from various agencies together, to indirectly advise the Surgeon General of the United States on matters of importance to the organization and to the Public Health Service.

Currently, the DePAC has ten WGs and SCs. Clicking on the links below will give you a description of what each one does:

Workgroups: Awards, Readiness and Deployments, Communications, Membership, Mentoring, Recruitment, Retention, Social Media

Subcommittees: Minority Issues, Women's Issues

Voting Members: The opportunity to become a DePAC voting member is extended once a year in the spring to all Commissioned Corps and Civil Service dentists via an email message on the Dental Bulletin Board (DBB) listserv (click here to sign up for the listserv in order to receive these and other important dental category emails). Voting membership requires a DePAC nomination and voting process. Elected voting members are appointed to a 3-year term. DePAC voting members are expected to be present at all meetings, either in person or via teleconferencing, and failure to attend three or more meeting per three-year term without just cause may result in expulsion from the DePAC. Also, failure to attend 6 or more meetings per three-year term, excused or unexcused, will be justification for removal from DePAC at the discretion of the DePAC Chair and Chief Dental Officer. 

Volunteer Members: Volunteering to participate on a WG or SC does not require a DePAC voting process – volunteer members are non-elected. Please contact the DePAC Chair if you are interested in volunteering on one of the WGs or SCs. While serving on the various groups, Commissioned Officers are expected to maintain basic readiness requirements, and all members are expected to participate in group specific activities which are set forth by the Chair. Required activities may include teleconferences, electronic mail discussions, and in-person meetings if possible. Volunteer members of WGs and SCs are expected to be present at all meetings, either in person or via tele-conferencing. Failure to meet the standards set forth by the Chair, or missing too many meetings per year without just cause, may result in removal from the WG or SC. 

More detailed information can be found in the DePAC Bylaws.



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