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Mentoring Workgroup

Chair –  CDR Joseph Collins - 
Co-Chair - CAPT Stephanie Burrell -  
CDR Amber Foster -
LT Cam-Van Huynh - 
LCDR Nini Huynh - 
CDR Chien Lee -
CAPT Katrina Leslie-Puhuyaoma - 
CAPT Nixon Roberts -
CDR Scott Williams - 
CDR Anna Woods - 

The purpose of the Dental Professional Advisory Committee (DePAC) Commissioned Corps Mentoring Workgroup is to provide a mechanism for transferring the accumulated career knowledge and experience of senior officer mentors to officer protégées. The DePAC Mentoring Workgroup serves as a valuable resource for Junior Officers entering United States Public Health Service as well as any officer that would just like to benefit from a mentorship relationship. As officers face numerous decisions along their career paths, mentors can serve as a resource to provide useful information regarding promotions, basic readiness, CV content and format, and other topics involving career progression. This one-on-one relationship provides mentors with the ability to positively assist other dental officers with advancing their dental careers.

Objectives & Activities:

  • Provide each newly commissioned dental officer with the option to have a mentor from within his/her agency but outside his/her chain of command where possible.
  • Evaluate the mentoring program on a regular basis in order to gauge program effectiveness.
  • Update the content of the Mentoring web pages on the Dental Category website.
  • Update the Dental Category Resource Manual annually.
  • Recruit and maintain an active file of mentor volunteers.
  • Develop and maintain the Mentoring Database for tracking mentor and protégée participants, mentor/protégée pairings, and evaluations.

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