Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Dental Professional Advisory Committee

Readiness and Deployment Workgroup

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CDR Kayla Carver -
CDR Scott Eckhart - 
CDR Ryan Guard - 
CDR Roberto Reyes - 
LCDR Blake Donaldson - 
LCDR Traci Elison - 

Who We Are and What We Do:

The mission of the Readiness and Deployment Workgroup is to serve as an advocate for officers of the dental category on policy issues concerning readiness status and deployments.  The primary function of this workgroup is to maintain contact with the officers in the dental category and give a subtle prompt via email about readiness status.  These prompts are sent prior to the quarterly deadlines and are constructed and utilized by leadership to continually have the field personnel cognizant of time frames for reviewing their readiness status and correcting any decencies.

Officers in the dental category have operated in many ways during national disasters.  Not only have their skills as dental providers been used in treatment of survivors, but also in forensic capacities during many of the disaster deployments.    


Manzano Middle School Deployment
The dental clinic that was set up in Manzano Middle School in Brownsville.  Photo Courtesy of the Texas Department of Health and Human Services System.  Operation Lone Star 2012.

Monrovia, Liberia Medical Unit Mission during the USPHS Ebola Response
Monrovia USPHS Ebola Response

Hurricane Katrina and Rita: Deployments
Approximately 20% of the Dental Category officers were deployed on nearly 90 missions.  Defining event for the transformation of the Commissioned Corps.
Hurricane Katrina and Rita Deployment


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