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BCOAG Membership Committee

The role of the BCOAG Membership Committee is to manage the process of selecting new voting members on an annual basis. As such, the BCOAG committee pursues this endeavor by soliciting for voting membership, screening and reviewing the application documents and providing recommendations to the BCOAG Executive Board. Once the final selections are determined, the committee prepares the necessary documentation for submission to the U.S. Surgeon General for approval and appointment. The committee also performs other duties as assigned by the BCOAG Chair or Chair Elect.

Membership Committee Goals and Tasks

BCOAG Membership Committee Goals for 2020:

  • Promote VM application submission through informational presentations and materials
  • Review, score, and process nomination packets for new Voting Members and recommend candidates
  • Support and collaborate with other BCOAG Committees for retention and recruitment efforts using the BCOAG networking spreadsheet
  • Continued evaluation and improvement of VM selection process

Tasks of the Committee:

  • Generating Interest for BCOAG Voting Membership  - The Committee informs BCOAG members of the eligibility requirements for Voting Membershipt. The Committee also holds interest sessions for officers seeking additional information.
  • Selection of New Voting Members - For selection of new voting members, the Committee must review and edit prior years application questions and review tool, solicit applications, review applications and make final recommendations. After the Executive Committee approves nominees for voting membership, Committee must notify officers and seek final approval from OPDIV Liaisons and the Office of Surgeon. 
  • BCOAG Networking Spreadsheet - Committee selects an officer to manage the database and to routinely request that officers submit their contact information to maintain accurate records.

Membership Information

BCOAG members:

  • Provide guidance and assists in Public Health Service (PHS) recruitment of qualified African-American applicants to respective professional disciplines.
  • Develops an operational plan which details BCOAG's participation and involvement in PHS, other governmental agencies, and community activities which further the mission of BCOAG and the USPHS.


If you would like additional information about the becoming a member of the Membership Committee, please contact LCDR Gwendolyn Hudson, the Membership Committee Chair or Co-Chair LCDR Roxanne Adeuya.


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