Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Black Commissioned Officers Advisory Group


BCOAG 2019 Executive Committee

  • Chair: LCDR Gayle Tuckett
  • Chair-Elect: CDR Chinyelum Olele,
  • Executive Secretary: LCDR Monique Richards
  • Correspondence Secretary: LT Kodilichi Echeozo
  • COF Liaison: LCDR Chelsea Sealey
  • Minority Officers Liaison (MOLC) Rep: LCDR Ogochukwu Ogoegbunam
  • Past-Chair: LCDR Kemi Asante

 2019 Executive Committee Bios


LCDR Gayle Tuckett

LCDR Gayle Tuckett

CDR Chinyelum Olele

LCDR Monique Richards

LT Kodilichi

 LT Kodilichi Echeozo


LCDR Chelsea Sealey


LCDR Ogochukwu Ogoegbunam


LCDR Kemi Asante

Please click on the Executive Committee names above to read their bios.

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