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BCOAG Career and Professional Development Committee

The Career and Development Committee is committed to serving as a resource to BCOAG members in the management and advancement of their careers.  The Career and Professional Development Committee serves as a resource to BCOAG members by utilizing a Team-centered approach.  

The Committee is comprised of three teams.  The Committee Chair is LCDR NaTasha Hollis      and the Co-chair is LCDR Laveda Odom.   The goals of each team are listed below:

Career and Professional Development Team

The purpose of the Career and Professional Development (CPD) Program is to serve in a resource and advisory capacity to help guide officers in their career paths by providing career development and training information.  The CPD team oversees 3 programs, which are CV Review Program, CV Build, and Professional Vocabulary Build. The CV Review program is tailored to aide officers in creating impactful CVs that put them in a better position for promotion or job placement. The CV Build is an introductory session that provides key pearls on “HOW to create a successful PHS CV”.  Professional Vocabulary Build is a program dedicated to increasing professional and effective language for PHS officers to utilize in their CVs. 

The CPD team is a growing and innovative group looking for motivated officers to join us.  Showcase your leadership skills and join today!  For more information, please contact LCDR Folasayo Adunola at .

Mentoring Team

The purpose of the Mentoring Program is to help facilitate the transition of new USPHS Commissioned Corps officers and to promote, support and guide the long-term career development of active duty officers through the Mentoring Program. 

The Career and Professional Development (CPD) Committee is seeking involvement from interested members in the Mentoring Program. Members who are interested in serving as mentors and/or participating as mentees, please go to the following links to complete the application:

  1. BCOAG Mentor E-application:
  2. BCOAG Mentee E-application:

Please take advantage of this opportunity for personal growth and leadership.  For more information, contact the mentoring team at

Leader Within You Team

The BCOAG Career and Professional Development Committee is launching a new leadership workshop titled “Leader within You”.  This workshop will consist of dynamic leadership topics that will propel BCOAG officers to their next level.   For more information, please contact CDR Glendolynn Johnson at


BCOAG Career and Professional Development Committee Meetings will be monthly. Please contact the committee chair for the conference call information.

All members are asked to email their attendance to the committee secretary.

In order to receive recognition at the end of the year for your participation, members are asked to attend at least 50% of the meetings and also an active member in one of the teams during the calendar year.  We are always looking for people to join us. If you are interested in joining this committee, please email the Chair: LCDR NaTasha Hollis     or the Co-Chair: LCDR Laveda Odom to get involved.


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