Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Black Commissioned Officers Advisory Group

Communications & Public Relations

BCOAG Communications and Public Relations Committee

The Communications and Public Relations Committee is responsible for executing the following charges and goals:

  • Evaluate and maintain the BCOAG website to ensure that a useful format and structure of the website content is established and maintained. 
  • Enhance BCOAG visibility within the Commissioned Corps, as well as in the General Public and media.
  • Ensure that a useful and up-to-date information of interest to BCOAG is readily available to BCOAG membership through the newsletter, website and/or Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Additionally, the Committee will identify and organize at least one committee project per year to enhance the visibility of the BCOAG by interacting with the PACs, CPOs, OSO, minority communities, and other agencies and the media.
  • Develop and update the website content by posting BCOAG meeting minutes and BCOAG related pictures on time.
  • Assist the BCOAG Chair in communication with other agencies and media
  • Monitor public information on African American affairs.
  • Plan for Black History Month Celebration Activities.
  • Review and periodically update the BCOAG brochure.
  • Maintain and update the BCOAG poster.

The Communications and Public Relations Committee is comprised of the following teams:

Website Team

Website Team members are responsible for maintaining and updating the BCOAG website per the request of Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs.

  • Process for Updating BCOAG Committee Webpages

The BCOAG Communications and Public Relations Committee has developed a new process for requesting updates to committee webpages.  In order to have your webpage updated, committees are asked to complete the BCOAG Website Update Request Form.  Completed forms should be submitted to the Committee Chair. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for information to be updated on your page.

Social Media Team 

Social Media Team members are responsible for monitoring the BCOAG Facebook page by providing information related to the Commissioned Corps and BCOAG.  If you are interested in supporting this team, please contact Committee Chair. Team Team works with each BCOAG committee to support their child pages on If you are interested in supporting this team, please contact Committee Chair. 

Newsletter Team

The Newsletter Team ensure articles are received from BCOAG Committees and/or members for inclusion in the BCOAG quarterly newsletter.  This year, the team will focus on publishing a newsletter quarterly captures BCOAG-supported events during the operational year.  If you are interested in serving on the Newsletter Team, please contact Committee Chair.

We are actively seeking volunteers to join this Committee.  If you are interested, please contact Committee Chair. If you would like additional information about this Committee, please email Committee Chair, CDR Adams Solola ( and Co-Chair, CDR Gina Ligonde (


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