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Volume 8, No. 4     August 24, 2012
Update on the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) Phase-out.

As we go to press with this eBulletin, many of you are anxiously awaiting the release of the replacement for the BDU, the unlogoed, untucked NOAA/PHS Operational Dress Uniform (ODU). Lengthy delays from vendors supplying accessories, such as the new blue t-shirt, embroidered ball caps and the 8-point cover has caused the repeated push-back of the roll out of the ODU. This delay is necessary in order ensure the military specifications (milspec) for all related items are correct, such as color, material, and durability.

Do not call or email the U.S. Coast Guard, the Uniform Distribution Center (UDC), the Navy Exchange or the helpdesks asking for “early bird” entrance in an attempt to get the uniform before your neighbor. All Corps officers will be able to purchase the ODU and necessary items in the near future. The phase-in period will be adjusted based upon the release of the signed Personnel Policy Memorandum and Personnel Operations Memorandum, which will be posted to the Commissioned Corps Issuance System (eCCIS) and the Commissioned Corps Management Information System (CCMIS).

Many field officers have reported that they have obtained a type of ODU from non-government or private commercial vendors. Officers should note that not all blue ODU type uniforms found on the internet, law enforcement supply stores or other non-governmental sources are the correct style and type that will be obtained from the UDC. Just because “it looks like the ODU”, doesn’t mean it’s authorized or the correct uniform set-up (i.e., no lower pockets on the ODU blouse, no epaulettes on the shoulders, hook and loop fasteners).

Update on the Physical Training Uniform (PTU).

The PHS Officer Device and Supply Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana will soon be offering the PTU on its website. The PTU will consist of a gold yellow short-sleeve shirt with silver reflective “USPHS” on the front left chest and the back of the shirt. It will also have nylon shorts with a silver reflective “USPHS” on the front left leg. As with the ODU, until the policies are updated and notification is made through the eCCIS and CCMIS, do not call or email trying to be the first one to order the PTU.

Ceremonial Buckle

For officers involved in Honor Cadre or other ceremonial functions that require the use of the PHS Sword (i.e., change of command, weddings, retirements), the new ceremonial buckle has been milspec’d to once again have the PHS Seal on the buckle versus using the overly generic U.S. Navy ceremonial buckle. This buckle is not a replacement for the standard plain gold or decorated belt buckle for wear with service uniforms. This buckle is only worn with the ceremonial belt and sword. The ceremonial buckle is available from Vanguard – East, by calling 800-221-1264.

Leather Name Patch for Navy Sweater.

In recent months, there have been quite a few unauthorized logos and colors seen on the leather name patch that is required for wear on the Navy sweaters. Nicknames or “call-signs” are not authorized, nor are degrees or certifications behind ones name. All letters shall be gold and the skill badge shall be in the correct color (gold or silver) from the awarding uniformed service. The Corps logo, the Cap device, Agency or OPDIV/STAFFDIV logos and Identification Badges are not authorized. The leather name patch shall be black. The use of brown or other color patches are not authorized.


Basic Uniform Components. Uniform items required as part of the basic uniform. These are the minimum items which must be worn unless the prescribing authority directs otherwise.

Prescribable Items. Uniform items which may be directed or authorized with the basic uniform. Prescribable items may be worn with the basic uniform at the individual's discretion unless otherwise directed.

Optional Item. Uniform items purchased at the wearer's expense, which may be worn with the basic uniform, but which are not prescribable. Optional items may be worn with the basic uniform at the individual's discretion unless otherwise directed.

Conspicuous. Obvious to the eye, attracting attention, striking, bright in color. Should blend with, not stand out from, a professional appearance in uniform. What is conspicuous on one person may not be noticeable on another. If attention is naturally drawn to or distracted from the professional appearance, it is conspicuous.

Conservative. Not conspicuous or detracting from the professional appearance while in uniform.

Faddish. A style followed for a short period of time with exaggerated zeal. Styles are enduring; fads are generally short in duration and frequently started by an individual or event in the civilian community. Fads are generally conspicuous and detract from a professional appearance.

Compliments Skin Tone. A conservative color which contributes to the wearer's natural skin tone. Conservative colors are generally inconspicuous and do not detract from a professional appearance in uniform.